The instructor

Wietse van der Klip: a gentleman in traffic!

After years of working in the graphics industry I have trained as a driving school instructor. Since my childhood I have been interested in cars and in the printing company where I worked, I had a lot of apprentices. I enjoyed training them and helping young people to become good craftsmen. The combination of cars and educating people brought me to the idea of starting a driving school. A job that perfectly suites me.

As an instructor I am open and calm. After the introduction lesson, we will draft a plan together. On your personal lesson card, you will be able to see how far you are in your training. When we are learning, we always make small mistakes, the key is to learn from those mistakes and correct them. If something doesn’t go very well while driving, then I stay patient and I do my best to keep you motivated.

The theory lessons take place at de Westerd 13. Here, I will give you not only exam training, but also lessons in traffic safety so you can drive safely on the road in the future.

I am not only giving driving lessons to young people. For those who already are in the possession of a driving license but still uncertain in traffic, or have trouble with certain traffic situations, I give refresh lessons. I also give the lessons in English for expats who like to get their Dutch driving license.