Our services

Driving school van der Klip is specialized in personal guidance. With Wietse van der Klip you get all the attention that you need according to your personal situation, to get your driving license in a timely manner. We will advise you on the exact number of lessons you need, not more, not less. Below you can find an overview of the services that we offer. Would you like more information? Please click on the contact page or call 06-13044105.

Get your driving license

Driving school van der Klip can offer you the whole training to get your driver's license. You can also choose to do some parts on your own. This saves time and money. We offer special lesson packages or single lessons. The advantage of a lesson package is that you pay a lower fare per lesson. In addition, we can plan a schedule for a longer period of time. From 16.5 years you can already start with lessons and from your 17th birthday you can take your driving test.


2toDrive is a trial that started in 2011 for accompanied driving from 17 years to 18 years. You don't have to wait till you’re 18th anymore before you finally can start with driving lessons. This only applies to cat B (car) with the same examination requirements and with the following conditions:
1. Theory test from the age of 16.
2. Driving lessons from 16 ½ years.
3. Practical driving test from the age of 17.
4. Driving only with license and supervisor license, under the supervision of a coach, up to 5 coaches per driver's license.
5. To the 18th year of age, you are allowed to drive only in the Netherlands.


Did you pass your practical driving test? You can request from the date of you’re the driving license in person at the municipality where you are registered. Go to the website of your municipality to check the opening times. After requesting the license it will take 5 working days before you can pick it up. What should I bring??

  • A photo that meets the requirements.
  • A valid identity document
  • Payment for the costs of your driver's license
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Passing the theory test

In preparation for your theory test you can choose to buy the educational tools at Driving School van der Klip. This consists a theory book and a CD-ROM with 10 learning theory practice exams. With these, you can prepare yourself at home. Every Tuesday evening fro m 8 pm to 10 pm there are theory classes. If there are problems while using the course material, the n this will be discussed during class. Also, there is ample opportunity to ask questions. Of course these evening lessons are for free.

Re-training lessons

Sometimes it may be that you drive less frequently by personal circumstances, disease or by fear. When you drive again in traffic you might feel insecure. In that case it is good for yourself to follow a refresh course. This can be either in your own car as well as in the school's car. Some topics we will handle are driving different crossings, where it is possible to exit and where it is not, the new way of driving and safe parking.

Driving lessons in English

For expats or for people who just arrived to the Netherlands and are still learning Dutch, it is difficult to understand the instructions during the lessons. The good news is that you can take the driving test in English. For that reason, at driving school van der Klip you can have driving lessons in English as well! You can take the theory test in English and our teaching resources for the theory test are also available in English.

Cost-saving drive

For the new way of driving you need to make a few relatively small adjustments to your driving style. Some tips provide an instant increase in ride comfort, safety and fuel economy. The most important tips are:

  • Change gear around 2500 RPM (In gasoline engines, for diesel engines this is even lower) to the highest possible gear.
  • Give gas in a way that you can allow the traffic to flow in a normal way
  • Let the car roll out in the highest possible gear without pressing the clutch.
  • But how do you make this driving style your own? An extra program in the morning or afternoon provides this outcome.